More RFP'S or RFQ’s In Freight Transportation

More RFP’S or RFQ’s In Freight Transportation

Lately are hearing  this word more and more, some call it Request of Proposals (RFP) and some refer to it as Request of Quotes ( RFQ ). This time around…

More RFP’S or RFQ’s In Freight Transportation
Are You Importing Legally?

Are You Importing Legally?

The product you are buying might not be as simple to import as you think. Before you order your product, be certain that the product you are importing is allowed…

Are You Importing Legally?
The Government Shutdown

The Government Shutdown

The United States federal government entered a shutdown from October 1 through 16, 2013, and curtailed most routine operations after Congress failed to enact legislation appropriating funds for fiscal year 2014. During the shutdown,…

The Government Shutdown
Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft

It’s not a topic you hear about every day, you may not have heard about cargo theft headlining the news. Crime of such nature had become more organized and more…

Cargo Theft
Abandoned Cargo

Abandoned Cargo

Freight that has not been accepted or claimed by the consignee or is undeliverable due to error or omission on the part of the shipper, consignee, or owner or for…

Abandoned Cargo

    Use of Technology Innovation in Logistics

    The use of technology is essential in logistics. As demands for supply becoming more demanding, companies must use all means to remain competitive and profitable. Now it has become a race who can provide better service with greater efficiency to keep itself profitable and ongoing. We all have great ideas on how to make the flow of goods more efficiently, but without the right technology to support our means, it will slow down our progress.

    The following are several means of uses of technology innovation in the present logistics field which making us more effective and beneficial in the transport perspective and supply aspect of logistics.

    Tracking technology: RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification)

    It is a tracking method that use radio frequency to transfer information and track information through tags that are attached to the Object.  RFID tag in be insert on everyday things such paper currency, everyday clothing items, even our physical body to be track.  This will open a big case into concern in regards to privacy, but we will not get into that. Beside the concern of intrusion into our privacy, this has great benefit in all our fields, as supplier,  purchaser, warehouse, or transporter.

    This technology  is a not something new, rather it is an implementation of already existent technology from radio and radar technology. RFID technology has two component, one is carries the information such as tags with information imputed and one reads the tags such as the bar code of the on the product you buy at the supermarket, the bar code would act as the tag, and scanner as the reader, which may reads what on  the bar code to find information such as the price, the isle number, or remaining inventory of that product.  The Idea is one is with information imputed and one will track and read the information.

    RFID improve the logistics part supply chain in better managing the where about of the goods. For example, Port managements, steamship line, and distribution centers used this to keep track their inventories or equipment. In the railroad industry, tags are are mounted onto the container  with ID of owner of the equipment, Identifying Place of lading, origin of goods, commodities being transported. this increase transparency and visibility on different level of sector from supplier, transportation provider to custom border protection.  In warehousing, pallets are tags with them, it makes  it literally impossible or to minimize any loss of cargo under such management technology. In supply chain such as supermarket, will tag returnable pallets, cases, plastic rack, so all the inventories are easily accounted for, and they could even input data such as expiration dates, items origin, etc, to better manage on returnable items or replenishing low inventories.

    Automated Fulfillment Center:

    Amazon uses automated robot to move inventories around their fulfillment warehouse to retrieve from inventories instead of using humans.  Please check out the video of how they do it. See more at:

    Upcoming Trend:

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  had unveiled their futuristic plan to have delivery drone, which they are proposing “30 minute delivery drone” Current this still requiring more safety testing and FAA approval.  This will take at least 4-5 years from now.  Through Utilization of technology innovations, past, present or future, it is essential for in logistics for efficiency, and ultimately profitability.

    Let the Smokey Season Begin

    When summer rolls around, even those who are not fond of cooking will venture into their backyards to cook up a storm. One of the most popular activities during the summer months is barbecuing; especially for July 4th. Besides the backyard, many people like to go to the beach, the park, and even camp sites to barbecue. It is perfect for spending time with family and friends; taking turns at the grill, eating outside, and sipping a cold drink.

                The word barbecue originated from the Arawakan Indians in the seventeenth century from the West Indian island of Hispaniola. It was a method of setting up wooden sticks over a fire to dry meat. The origins of American barbecue were first recorded in 1697. Modern day barbecuing came from the South, where people make tough cuts of meat tender by slow-roasting over a fire pit. The definitive smoky BBQ taste is caused by the myoglobin in the meat reacting with the carbon monoxide from the smoke. [Read more...]

    MTS Logistics 4th Annual Bike Event

    This year MTS Logistics held its annual bike event on Saturday, June 7th. This was the biggest Bike Event in the Logistics Industry that was ever held. For those who needed some extra challenge; MTS Logistics added a Tier 1 route which started to roll from Battery Park at 7:30 am in the morning to all the way to 54th Street Central Park and back. 25 people attended the Tier 1 route and stated that it was “Challenging, but awesome!”. 

    It was a perfect day for biking in New York City. The temperatures ranged between 82~85°F very sunny with low humidity. The regular group started at 9:30 am from lower Manhattan’s Battery Park over the Brooklyn Bridge, passing through Prospect Park and finally reaching the gorgeous Brighton Beach. We were a total of 112 bikers including our customers, partners, and our friends. [Read more...]

    Most Common Situations/Problems Importers Face With Their Shipments

    International shipping business is subject to numerous import controls and regulations and it is costly and time consuming when something goes wrong or when you fail to comply with these regulations and this ends up causing penalties, delays, unexpected costs and confiscation to the importers as it can be hard to fix problems once the shipment is on its way.
    Sometimes even though you comply with the regulations, you might still face with the delays and unexpected costs with your import shipments. Below points are some of the most common situations/problems importers might face with their import shipments.
    1) Custom Exams:  Import containers can face with several different types of exams for many different reasons. Some exams are random and some others are targeted at specific issues with particular types of shipments. There are many different type of exams as given below and import containers may face with one or sometimes more than one type of exams if the customs see the need to further examine the containers. [Read more...]

    Some of the Best Kept Secrets of the City of Angels

    Welcome to LA, the city where anything and everything is possible! No matter what your dream or passion is, LA can provide you all the things you need to get closer to what you are striving for. Although LA and the southern California area is known for being the Mecca of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities can be more than just a place to come to when you want to see all the famous streets and people you see when you turn on your TV.

    Los Angeles County seems to have many cities that can be compared to many other cities in the United States. There are cities in the metropolitan Los Angeles area that if you come from the Midwest, there is a city here that has the same type of feeling and attitude as your hometown. [Read more...]

    It is Negotiation Time Again in the West Coast

    Nowadays, everybody in the ocean shipping industry is talking about possible disruption at U.S. West Coast. As of July 1st a strike is expected in the major west coast ports. The twin ports LA and Long beach are the busiest ports in terms of volume in the USA and approximately 44 percent of all cargo arriving in the USA by ocean passes through  Long beach and LA ports.

    Negotiations for a new labor contract covering nearly 20,000 dockworkers at 29 West Coast container ports began and the current contract expires on July 1.Negotiations cover  all the major west coast ports which are Long beach , LA, Oakland , Portland Seattle and Tacoma. The contract is between employers who operate port terminals and shipping lines represented by the Pacific Maritime Association and dockworkers represented by the International Long shore and Warehouse Union. According to the ILWU, the major topics on the table are healthcare, retirement benefits, rises in wage/salary, and improved safety practices. [Read more...]

    How to Change Your Practices for a Better Environment

    There are many ways we can help the future generations live in a healthier world. Nowadays, we see many alternative practices around us; such as using reusable bags in supermarkets, recycling bottles at home, office or even on the go, watching the excessive use of papers and many more options.

    As most of you may already know, MTS is a “Go Green” company, and this year it will take part in a big project. On its 13th annual bike event, MTS will plant 100 to 200 trees for each person who attends. For those who cannot participate on that day, you may start to “go green” by saving paper in office and by having other little changes in your life to help Mother Earth become a better place to live in. [Read more...]

    Is Mexico the next China?

    The long history of trade between Mexico and the US goes back well over a century. As the two countries entered a new age thanks to trade agreements and a shifting of economic resources, the outlook for some is that Mexico could become the new China in terms of becoming a true economic powerhouse.

    Such talk is not so farfetched when you consider that not so long ago China was roughly in the same position as Mexico with millions of people working low wage jobs in a stagnant economy. The difference was the opening up of economic freedom in China over the past three decades which has propelled this sleeping giant into a world economic power that is even rivaling the US in many ways.  [Read more...]

    MTS Logistics at the NYTFF

    The opening ceremony of the 13th Annual New York Turkish Film Festival was held on May 16th at School of Visual Arts Theater in Manhattan. This year the Festival will continue through May 16 to May 25 and it will screen nine remarkable feature films and two short films.

    MTS Logistics was proud to sponsor the film “Butterfly’s Dream” one of  Turkey’s Oscar nominee. Set during WWII, the story revolves around two young poets with tuberculosis germs in their lungs and a love of poetry in their hearts. Director Yılmaz Erdoğan conveys this heartbreaking story with a soothing lightness and a distinct love for poetry.

    Actor Mert Firat also traveled from Turkey to attend the opening ceremony. He is a phenomenal actor and has starred in many successful films and dramas over the past years. As MTS Logistics, we were fortunate to enjoy the movie with his company and get to learn more about his career and his role in Butterfly’s Dream in Q&A after the screening.

    Most Importantly, we want to extend our gratitude to the New York Turkish Film Festival for donating 100 % of the tickets from this movie to Turkish Philanthropy Fund’s “Soma Disaster Relief Fund”. 

    Special thanks to Nuray Tasangil (Director of Operations at The Turkish American Society) and Selen Ucak (Executive Director at the American Turkish Society) for arranging this great event. As MTS Logistics, we thank NYTFF for allowing us to be a part of this great organization.


    What is Traffic Mitigation Fee?

    If you are planning to ship to West Coast then you need to know about the Traffic Mitigation Fee in order to pick up your cargo from the terminal without any delay in peak hours. Those of you who are in the West Coast area already know about this but let’s check how PierPass was established and explain why this fee is necessary.

    PierPass is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in 2005 to address multi-terminal issues such as congestion, security and air quality.  PierPass charges a traffic mitigation fee on daytime traffic, with the revenues used to partially compensate terminals for operating night and weekend gates. in other words, PierPass is a system to collect fees on a large scale from cargo owners to pay terminal operators directly.  [Read more...]